What makes so many of us so fascinated, even secretly covetous, of those that have it? And what makes people want to be famous simply for the sake of being famous?  

In The Fame Formula Mark Borkowski, one of Britian's best known publicists, casts an insider’s eye over the astonishingly rapid growth and the murky, surprising, funny and sometimes shocking history of the fame industry, from silent movies to the internet and the instant news age.

The book offers insights into ways of becoming famous and maintaining that fame, using the stunts and practices of great, though often forgotten, publicists as illustrations. 

The Fame Formula looks at all the great publicists of the last 100 years and draws on the secrets, scandals and early voyages into fame of many of the Hollywood legends, as well as the gossip columnists who fed on these secrets. Borkowski has even discovered a long-forgotten publicist, Maynard Nottage, whose life story acts as a grim warning about the perils of becoming too deeply involved in the fame game.